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Location: Porthleven, Cornwall.

Photographer: Mark Stokes

Keywords: Coastal Rocks & Sea Tourist

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When weather conditions are right the forces of nature throw violent storms at Porthleven even though there are substantial sea defences the village still gets ravaged this huge wave over 30 metres high towering over the buildings & crashing against the sea wall so powerfully that it striped the sand off the seabed carrying it high into the air Porthleven South West Cornwall South West England UK close up; close-up; closeup; storm; stormy; sea; extreme; weather; conditions; dramatic; spectacular; powerful; rough; sea water; white water; gigantic; waves; crash; crashing; danger; dangerous; foam; motion; outdoor; great outdoors; scenic; view; shore; shoreline; beach; beauty; big; breakers; surf; swell; current; spray; splash; wind; windy; high; tide; tidal; elements; climate; environment; nature; weather; storm; crashing; foam; froth; water power; spray; nature; rollers; breakers; gale; extreme; stormy; turbulent; choppy; dramatic; tempestuous; surge; rocks; cliffs; sea wall; buildings; houses; cottages; coast; coastal; coastline; blue sky; clouds; sunny; sunshine; sunlight; shadows; seascape; horizontal; landscape; Cornish; Kernow; Westcountry; West Country; South West England; SW England; Britain; British; Great Britain; GB

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