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Location: Merrivale , Devon.

Photographer: Lee Pengelly

Keywords: Tourist Dev/West Devon Historic Buildings/Sites Inland

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Evening sunlight on the ancient stone hut circle at Merrivale with views toward Leeden Tor in Dartmoor National Park West Devon South West England UK Merrivale Stone Row; standing stones; upright; rocks; boulders; stones; end; lenght; leading; path; row; line; ancient; ancient monument; menhir; prehistory; prehistoric; neolithic; bronze age; ceremony ceremonial; late; settlement; historic; history; site; moorland; moors; moor land; countryside; rural; remote; grass; fields; elements; low sun; sunset; shadows; clouds; atmospheric; scenic; horizontal; landscape; view; Westcountry; West Country; English; Britain; Great Britain; GB; United Kingdom

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