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Location: Trevithick East , Cornwall.

Photographer: Paul Watts

Keywords: Inland Winter

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Close up of small waterfall by the country lane between Trevithick East Farm & Reterth on a cold winter morning near St Columb Major Mid Cornwall South West England UK taken on the 1st of March 2018 1/6 second exposure, 1/6 second shutter speed, artistic, atmospheric, blur, Britain, British, brook, cascade, cascading, close-up, closeup, Cornish, countryside, creative, elements, English, ethereal, flora, flow, flowing water, freeze, freezing, frozen, GB, generic, Great Britain, great outdoors, green, green lichens, green moss, horizontal, ice, ice cold weather, Icicles, icy, inland, Kernow, landscape, long exposure, long shutter speed, magic, magical, motion, movement, mystic, mystical, natural, nature, rocks, running water, rural, rush, S W England, season, seasonal, shallow water, slow shutter speed, smooth, sparkling, spray, stones, SW England, tourism, tourist attraction, travel, United Kingdom, vacation, vegetation, walking holiday, West Country, Westcountry, white water

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