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Location: Beach Cafe Seaton , Cornwall.

Photographer: Paul Watts

Keywords: Coastal Sea Birds Birds

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Close up of two Herring Gulls Larus argentatus scavenging for scraps of food left over from a meal on a picnic table at the Beach Cafe, Seaton near Looe, South East Cornwall ,South West England, UK, on the 3rd of July 2016 Britain; British; Cornish; English; GB; Great Britain; SW England; United Kingdom; West Country; Westcountry; adult; birds; close-up; closeup; coast; coastal; condiments; cup; danger; dangerous; eating out; environment; gulls; habitat; hazard; holiday; holiday resort; horizontal; landscape; menace; natural history; nature; ornithology; outdoors; plates; problem; public enemy; saucer; scavengers; sea birds; sea water; seabirds; seagulls; seaside resort; shadows; stealing food; summer holiday; sunlight; sunshine; tourism; tourist attraction; travel; two; vacation; vinegar; wildlife

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