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Location: Padstow, Cornwall.

Photographer: Paul Watts

Keywords: Corn/North Cornwall Celebration Male Town Tourist

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Close up of the Blue Oss & supporter performing on South Quay around Padstow Harbour on a beautiful sunny spring morning during Obby Oss May Day celebrations Padstow North Cornwall South West England UK closeup; close-up; Peace Oss; Blue Ribbon Oss; gruesome mask; black frame-hung cape; pointed black red & white hat; bluebells; yellow flowers; parade; procession; participants; entertainers; entertaining; entertainment; Padstow Obby Oss; 'Obby 'Oss; 1st of May; first of May; May the first; ancient fertility festival; annual event; pagent; Obby Oss Festival; person; male; adult; man; tourist attraction; tradition; traditional; historic; historical; heritage; history; mayday; celebrate; celebrating the arrival of Spring; celebration; celebrations; community; cultural; cornish culture; custom; celtic; lifestyle; mystic; mystical; myth; mythical; mythology; pagen; holiday resort; seaside; resort; tourism; holiday; vacation; travel; sunshine; sunlight; shadows; blue sky; upright; vertical; portrait; Kernow; Cornish; Westcountry; West Country; SW England; English; United Kingdom; Britain; British; Great Britain; GB

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