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Location: Newquay, Cornwall.

Photographer: Paul Watts

Keywords: Coastal Corn/Restormel 21-30 years 31-60 years Male Female Sea Tourist Cottages/houses/buildings

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Close up of Six gigs Shearwater Zeus Taran Ryder Vixen & Azook battling it out just after race start outside Newquay Harbour in the 2009 Cornwall County Womens Pilot Gig Rowing Championships Heats on Saturday 12th September 2009 Newquay Cornwall South West England UK close-up; closeup; 6; action; splash; spray; effort; watersports; 2009 ladies Cornwall County Pilot Gig Racing Championships; Ladies County Gig Championship; The Newquay Ladies County Gig Championships; cox; crew; competitors; oars; race; competition; girls; event; female; ladies; maritime; vessels; boats; tourist attraction; tourism; holiday; vacation; travel; figures; people; surfers; lifeguards; swimmers; holidaymakers; tourists; visitors; seaside; buildings; houses; hotels; Newquay Bay; Atlantic Ocean; Great Western Beach; Tolcarne Beach; sand; sea; water; waves; surf; sunny; sunlight; sunshine; blue sky; coast; coastal; coastline; cliffs; rocks; horizontal; landscape; seascape; Cornish; Kernow; United Kingdom; West Country; Britain; GB; British; Great Britain; Westcountry

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